We welcome you to the beautifulDUTCH JOHN RESORT


Considered some of America's only unsettled territory left, this place is surrounded by breathtaking views. Amazing canyons, rivers, and mountain scapes! Nature and the freely roaming wildlife is abundant and it is an exlorers heaven on earth. A place where a photographer doesnt even have to edit. As for the resort, it is placed in a small welcoming and friendly town rich with culture and history. There are so many things to see and do, that learning about our countries history is fun. The well known "Wild Frontier" stories about explorers and pioneers such as Davy Crockett, Butch Cassidy, and John Wesley Powell are some of the local favorites because these men traveled through and settled in these regions. There have been dinosaur fossils found and there are many old Navajo Indian Trails to explore in the area.
Faith Jackson-Merkle
Dutch John Resort showed me the meaning of sincere hospitality and the love for their customers. My children and I were traveling from Portland Oregon. We got lost for over 7 hours. I had been driving 40 hours straight by this time. I was distraught and tired. My funds were limited. Dutch Johns Resort's employees opened up their store to me and my family. They fueled my vehicle out of their pockets. They made dinner for us...which by the way they have the best cheese burgers ever! They even offered us housing in one of their beautiful cabins. Even though I didn't stay the night. I met some really great people. We shared hugs, tears, and stories. I can't thank Dutch John Resort enough for all they did to turn my experience around and made it positive. I would recommend you stay here during your travels. Great home town people, with hearts of gold!
Bridget Laphan
We stayed here last summer and really enjoyed it! We liked the prices and the accommodations. The cabins were clean and felt new. I could tell they were making more improvements to the place. We would definitely go back if ever in the area again.
Chante Wouden Engh
This is the place, the steak house is nearly completed, the fly shop shelves are being stocked with every anglers needs and wants. The cabins are clean and warm awaiting their guest's. The property is cleaning up and Quakers the duck is loud and obnoxious but fun to have around.
Matt Abbott


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